RIP 2019

Angelwhore is not just a band. It is the only way to live.
Hail Angelwhore.

Listen to the Angelwhore EP on Bandcamp.
New Angelwhore album in the works. Stay tuned. lol nope

What is Angelwhore?
Angelwhore was a Maltese black metal band founded by The Vnholy. The band's first demo, a one track release that just featured a song known as "Angelwhore", was critically acclaimed by all ten people that heard it. Ultimately, The Vnholy decided to play a live show and got a few friends to join him; he would play guitars and be the vocalist, and joining him were Erik Slaughterfist (bass), Black Demon (keys), and Sadistik Satanist (drums).
Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Early in May, his bassist died of AIDS. Then, during the band's only live performance (in The Vnholy's hometown of Il Fgura), the drummer abruptly left the stage after The Vnholy decided to burn an Israeli flag on stage. The performance, which lasted just 10 minutes of a 30 minute set, ended with him slamming his guitar against the stage in a rage and storming out of the bar where he was performing.
It was after this that Angelwhore, now once again a one man project, would record his (also critically acclaimed) EP. After the release of the EP, however, the label lost contact with The Vnholy and assumed that he must've faded into obscurity yet again, until they received word that The Vnholy committed suicide after his mother walked into his bedroom and found him masturbating.