From whence we came...

We shall return.

TRANSMISSION #0001 (13 Nov 2019, 0451): Album of completely new material in progress.
TRANSMISSION #0002 (23 Mar 2020, 1119): New Bandcamp page coming.
TRANSMISSION #0003 (24 Mar 2020, 2240): New Bandcamp page. Link has not changed.

The Shrine at the End of the World (BBP014)
Infinite Possibilities of Space (BBP013)
The Doug Samson Sessions (BBP012)
Archaic Phantasms of Ruination (BBP011)
Post-Collapse (BBP009)
Ancient Astronomers (BBP008)
Technica artis (BBP007) NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Zeit: An Orchestra of Suffering (BBP006) NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Walk With Me, Into An Eternity of Enlightenment... (BBP005)
Into A New Dark Age... Transcendence Into Nothing... (BBP004)